So here are some of the most commonly ask questions we get and the answers. If you have one post it in the comment section and I will do my best to answer it. Please make sure its at least loosely related to our activity here at Leap’s Farm.

1. Where is your farm and how long have you been there?

Answer: We in in Penn Run near 553 and we bought the farm in May of 2018

2. Do you ship your product?

Answer: Not at this time due to cost and the likely hood of damage.

3. Can I pick up flour/cornmeal at your farm?

Answer: We ask that you please contact us before driving out as we work full time and may not be home. You can reach me at 724-493-7261 if you would like to setup a time to pick something up. We also encourage you to see the list of retailers that carry our product on the site as there shops are will stocked and have very favorable hours.

4. Can I or my group tour your farm?

Answer: While we would love to have you we simply do not have time or really that much to see and do. But we will come talk to your group about agriculturally related things.

5. Do you do this full time?

Answer: Everyone involved with Leap’s Farm works another full-time job. This is our hobby and passion.

6. Do you take credit or debit cards?

Answer:  No, because most of the locations we sale at have spotty at best cell coverage so we are a cash only operation, unless you are a retailer/ restaurant buying in bulk.

7. Do you offer recipes?

Answer: No we do not as we cannot control the quality of other items used in them and that the directions will be followed as given. We want you to be happy with our product and, to me, that means finding the best use of it for you. That being said we love picture of what people make with our stuff!

8. Did you grow up on a farm?

Answer: I did. My family has been involved in agriculture for at least 3 generations now but we are the first generation to sell flour. My wife, Patty, did not but has always loved plants and the outdoors.

9. Do you offer wholesale pricing?

Answer: You bet and we would love to take to you about being in your store, restaurant or anything else. Please contact us at 724-493-7261 to talk about it. We also offer consignment sales plans.

10. Can I have a hat?

Answer: Our “Leap’s Farm” hats are high fashion and demand items. To get one buy 3 bags of flour at an event where I have hats to give or simply pay 5$. Return and retail consumers will be given them at random.

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